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Most people spend a lot of time at work. And, unfortunately, many tough situations arise in the office including some that are unethical and others that are illegal.

If you have been harassed or discriminated against, including being fired, demoted, not given a promotion, paid differently, or otherwise treated differently on the basis of your gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, or age, you may have a valid claim of employment discrimination in St. Louis. If any of those situations have happened to you, you may need help navigating your employment law claim in a federal court, state court, or an administrative hearing.

And even when discrimination isn’t present, you are likely to encounter situations at work where you need legal representation. Many times you will need legal help understanding and negotiating employment agreements, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and severance agreements.

Grosser Law Can Help

Rebecca Grosser has years of experience negotiating settlements and trying cases in front of juries. This experience and her belief that everyone deserves a strong and aggressive attorney makes her a good person to have on your side.

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment at work on the basis of your gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, or age, Rebecca stands ready to be an advocate to protect your rights. She can help to negotiate settlements when desired and can take a St. Louis employment discrimination case all the way through a trial when needed.

And if you have been asked to sign an employment agreement, non-compete agreement, non-solicitation agreement, or a severance agreement, Rebecca will help protect your rights. Often non-compete and non-solicitation agreements reach too far and you should ensure you are not giving up your rights to make a living. If you have been fired and offered a severance agreement, you should carefully review the agreement to make sure it provides the greatest benefit to you under the circumstances. Rebecca will help you to negotiate better terms for your agreement. Even if you have already signed one of these agreements Rebecca can counsel you on whether they are legal under Missouri law – sometimes they are not.

Grosser Law Employment Law Services

Rebecca Grosser regularly provides employment law services in St. Louis including representing individuals that have been harassed or discriminated against and also with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating employment contracts, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and severance agreements.

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