The civil litigation process is slow and often frustrating. Mediation offers an alternative.

Mediation is a negotiation process in which the parties attempt to resolve their disputes with the assistance of a neutral third party. Often, because the parties have a greater voice in mediation, they are more satisfied with the solutions recommended by the mediator and they are more likely to follow through with the final agreement. Everything discussed during mediation is confidential and cannot be used in later proceedings should the parties fail to reach an agreement. Another advantage of mediation is that you do not have to have an attorney to participate. But having an attorney counsel you and possibly represent you at the mediation can have a number of benefits.

If you are facing a civil litigation matter, or if you have a dispute and the parties agree to mediation, you should speak to an experienced mediator as soon as possible.

Grosser Law Can Help

Rebecca Grosser has been negotiating and trying lawsuits in the St. Louis area since 1997. She discovered that, regardless of the result in court, many parties would leave unsatisfied even if they “won.” As a result, she decided to use her experience to become a neutral meditator in both civil and domestic cases and obtained the requisite training in St. Louis, Missouri in 2014.

As a neutral meditator, Rebecca listens respectfully and gives both parties a chance to be heard. For some, this step is enough for them to start communicating and they are able to resolve their differences. For others, the ability to sit down together and explore innovative solutions – solutions that may not be an option in litigation – is more attractive than having a judge or jury impose a result on you.

Rebecca also enjoys the opportunity to serve as a co-mediator whenever the situation arises.

For clients who retain Rebecca as their attorney, her mediation training and experience helps her negotiate the best agreement on your behalf. It also helps her recognize cases where a referral to an outside mediator may be a better option. Because she is a mediator, she is better prepared to help you through the process.

Grosser Law Mediation Services

Rebecca regularly serves as a mediator or co-mediator to help people in St. Louis resolve their disputes and often represents clients in civil and domestic mediation proceedings.

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